Mrs. Marigold was born outside of London, England on the same day that World War II began and didn't find her voice until the eve of her twenty sixth birthday. She was scared of just about everything. Her family travelled the world as a product of her father's work. And through her travels she kept her nose in a book while absorbing the experiences around her with a devout avoidance of eye contact paired with an unrelenting curiosity. When she was fifteen her father moved the family to the United States of America - New Haven, Connecticut for a few years so he could teach a course on modern navigation.  And while her mother and brother found America slightly offensive in every way, meek Amelia Marigold found it charming through and through. 

Finding her voice coincided with the women's liberation movement of the 1960s and that was no coincidence. Perhaps the experience of meeting unapologetically confident women during her world travels planted a seed within her or the seed was always there and always likely to take root in her eventually. Regardless of why, the events that took place ahead of her twenty sixth birthday marked a seismic shift in her view of the world. While walking to the post office to mail a letter, she witnessed FIX THIS

And with her eyes, she found her voice. From there she was unstoppable and deeply committed to finding beauty in everything. From there, she felt drawn to travel again. With a new perspective and new found fearlessness, she returned to many of the places she had been and more that she had wanted to see. She taught